ZigBee IO


Open it, close it, turn it on, turn it off—all without the wire. Automating a home’s garage doors, window blinds, fireplaces, projection screens, televisions, AV receivers, and a variety of other devices just got a lot easier to do—and in a lot less time. And all without the wire.

Get the job done using Control4’s ZigBee IO. This easy-to-install solution can be configured to provide a combination of two relays or up to four contact sensors. Additionally, it provides two IR outputs, one magnetic contact sensor, and one temperature and humidity sensor, all packed into a single, small device. The ZigBee IO expands your Control4 home's automation capabilities, controlling devices in the home theater or garage, and anywhere inside and outside the home, with standard Control4 System Remote Controls, touch screens, or keypads.

The ZigBee IO is compact and installs easily. Discreetly placed, the ZigBee IO can provide control of a television and AV receiver using its IR outputs or can be an excellent solution for detecting open and closed states or activating a garage door or gate.

Complete Control4 system integration—The ZigBee IO also includes an internal magnetic contact sensor that wirelessly integrates into Control4 systems. To trigger the sensor, you can use any standard door or window sensor magnet.

A built-in temperature and humidity sensor adds remote temperature- and humidity-sensing capabilities. This gives Control4 systems additional automation features and capabilities based on indoor or outdoor temperature events. The ZigBee IO functions appear in Control4 Composer projects as relays, contact sensors, and IR outputs that you can trigger and monitor to control events and take action throughout the Control4 system based on commands or other events.

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